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Keeping it fresh, while getting lucky. That’s our motto here at Lucky Mint. And that’s what we strive to do.   I’m a commercial photographer in Tucson, Arizona. And I’ve enjoyed living in this hippy desert for almost 7 years. But I do miss home, as I’m originally from San Diego, California.   Being from San Diego, I was able to experience one thing every year that is unique to those of us living there. The San Diego Comic-Con. I’m blessed to still go every year.   For most of us, it wasn’t special. Well, it was, but not in the sense as everyone else views it. It was a rite of passage for nerds every year, and I was going to it before it was cool to go.   Because of this, I’ve always been immersed in nerd pop culture, and most importantly, the culture of the cosplay world. It’s something that I’ve always enjoyed.   As cosplay has increased in popularity, with it being glamorized in TV and social media, more and more people have been getting into the hobby, and it’s quickly becoming a second life for some people.   Cosplayers spend so much time on their costumes, and I relate it to the same way a bride searches for her wedding dress. It doesn’t happen overnight. All the research that goes into it and the amount of money spent are almost equal to each other. Heck, even after a bride is done with the ceremony, she won’t lend her dress out for someone else to use, and the same could be said about cosplayers.   Yet do you see brides relying on trivial photography to document that wonderful day? Do they take a couple of phone pictures to show their friends what that special day amounted to?


So why do cosplayers rely on that type of photography? Don’t cosplayers spend a considerable amount of time handcrafting their pieces? Some cosplayers will only wear a costume once, and then retire it after that con. Most wouldn’t even sell their pieces once it served its use.   To me, the majority of current photography for cosplayers is doing an injustice to the costumes and the people that are in the photographs. Having a crowded photo at the convention center or a photo in a hotel lobby next to some plants does not translate to the character that’s being portrayed. Does that pay the cosplayer justice for all the effort they put into their costume?


That’s why I started Lucky Mint. To bring action packed images to the heroes that are in them. Using the highest quality photography equipment, with commercial photography techniques, we are able push images to a point where reality and fantasy create a surrealistic vision from the cosplayer and the photographer.   Along this journey, my journalism friends have come along the way. Seeing what I’ve been doing, but also noticing that there isn’t a unique perspective on what cosplayers find important in the industry, they are now reporting the latest happenings in comics, movies, anime, and gaming.   This allows us to cover what really is important to the everyday cosplayer. Keeping them in the loop on what’s going on in the industries that they are interested in, and seeing what other cosplayers are coming up with, all while providing a service that is second to none.   We keep it fresh, while getting lucky.

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