Jasco to Release Popular Anime Series Games

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Gen Con is always full of exciting news and this year was no different. Anime fans will be excited at an announcement from Jasco Games.

Jasco announced that it will be releasing tabletop games based on the Dragonball Z and the Cowboy Bebop anime series’.

Jasco Games is known for creating the Universal Fighting System, which is their ever expanding card battle game that pits the world’s greatest fighters and characters. What makes it popular is that the battle can be between Mega Man and Ryu.

The company has also released a board game for Mega Man where players get to take on the roll of the blue bomber and his friends and have to fight against the different robot masters. Finally, you will have to face off against the evil Dr. Wily.

The nice thing about Jasco Games as they do get the licensing rights to their games so they can use the characters likenesses or images.

Cowboy Bebop will first be released into the UFS card system.

Both Dragonball Z and Cowboy Bebop will be getting their own unique board games.

So for fans of these two popular anime series’ be sure to keep an eye out in the future for these new board games.

For more information be sure to check jascogames.com

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