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I wear many hats; I'm a YouTube Let's Player on Coffee Table Zeroes, a musician and a lover of all things Anime and Video Games.

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Rakki Reviews Lucky Penny

Every now and then, life will throw something at you that you didn’t know you wanted. That’s this book. Ok, were finished. Go on, get the book and enjoy life that much better. Alright, alright, honestly this little comic came outta nowhere. It appeared on my local library's shelf and I decided to give it a shot since it looked "Scott Pilgrim-y," was a one off volume and a short, light read. I was right and now I'm sad. Lucky Penny is...More

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Rakki Reviews KonoSuba God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

A friend had recommended me this series and had to basically sit down with me and shove it in my face. I have been out of the new anime scene, but this one was a nice excuse to return to on my Crunchyroll account. KunoSuba starts off with our protagonist, Kazuma, preparing to head out very early in the morning to go and grab a special edition game in the city from his rural town. After traveling for hours, he...More

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Rakki Reviews Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End

"I am a man of fortune, and I must seek my fortune." The words write themselves in quill pen on a black background. Not a bad way to start up the game as I dive into the final installment in the Uncharted series, especially when Nathan and his brother, Sam, navigate through a harsh sea storm while dodging bullets from enemy ships in pursuit. Naughty Dog had gotten the introduction sequences for the Uncharted games masterfully down since the second game,...More

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Rakki Reviews TowerFall Ascension

After plenty of multiplayer matches on PS4, I decided to get TowerFall Ascension on my Vita. Of course, I waited for the Playstation Store to make a sale on this game since I kinda knew how short the optional single player/co-op part of game for $15 was a little steep. The moment I saw the game’s 8 bit style and the simplicity of the gameplay, I knew this was right up my alley. It’s a 2D side-scroller where you shoot...More

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Why You need Severed On PS Vita

On Monday, the official Playstation YouTube channel released a video for Drinkbox studios' (Tales From Space, Guacamelee) new game "Severed" on the Playstation Vita and it got my attention. From what I gathered, it looks to be very focused on the Vita’s front touchscreen capabilities to slash your way through enemies as you explore an Etrian Odyssey-esque landscapes and dungeons. This immediately caught my attention since I recently felt the Vita was missing one of it’s core uses for this front...More

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Anamanaguchi’s Capsule Silence XXIV Impressions

So in late March, pop electric band Anamanaguchi released a "HUGE ANNOUCEMENT" that they will be making a FPS video game with development team NHX that will be completely composed by the band, which they'll even star as crucial characters the protagonists rescues. It was everything I never knew I wanted. Prior to its "release," they released character photos of the band in various landscapes with different vehicles and what looked like soldiers. This all seem like an appropriate teaser...More

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Anamanaguchi and Hatsune Miku Touring Together

The electronic pop group Anamanaguchi uploaded a video on their YouTube page announcing that they will be touring with Japan's favorite vocaloid Hatsune Miku on her US tour. Miku announced her US tour back in November and not too long ago after that Anamanguchi did a video on stating that they were recording their new album "Enter Reality" in Tokyo. The tour dates that Anamanaguchi will be accompanying Miku were briefly shown near the end of the announcement...More

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Rakki Reviews Bastion (Vita)

Holy crap, did I start off the new year right playing this game! Bastion came out in mid-2011 on the Xbox 360 and have been itching to play it ever since. It has that Diablo 2 top down, hack and slash, action game aspect and captivating art that really hooked me. With the recent port to the PlayStation Vita in November 2015, I immediately purchased it. Though it's been off my radar for several years, it's now on my favorite...More

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Rakki Reviews Anamanaguchi Endless Fantasy

Anamanaguchi is my hands down favorite band ever. I first heard Anamanaguchi through a gameplay trailer of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Video Game. I was captivated by first levels theme "Another Winter" so much so that I would just repeat the video over and over just to hear it. I later looked up the composer, found the name Anamanaguchi, found their Sound Cloud account, and then got lost in sweet 8-bit music bliss. Regrettably, not joining any of their social...More

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Rakki Reviews Mega Man Legends (Vita)

Mega Man Legends came out on the Playstation Store at the end of September and I immediately downloaded it on to my Playstation Vita because hell yes, Mega Man Legends on the go! I had a lot of time to play this title back on the Nintendo 64 back in middle school so, yes, I'm very nostalgic with it. I did know there was a Playstation port with crisper music and voice acting, but the sounds of the N64...More

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