Cosplay in Figure Skating – Kevin Reynolds does Cowboy Bebop

Figure Skating is just one of those Olympic Sports that I don't really understand, but I love to watch. Think about it... Here are some world class athletes (Yes, they are athletes) that have trained for years to get this level. They are on a global stage. They have practiced their routine for months. They have an international judging panel scrutinizing their every move......More

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Tucson Comic Con Highlights

Tucson Comic Con is a small, but intriguing convention that includes many local artists and cosplay groups from the surrounding area. I’m highlighting some of my favorite groups and artists that where in attendance this year. AZ T.A.R.D.I.S. One of my favorite booths and the one I fangirl at the most is AZ T.A.R.D.I.S.. With their life size replica of the big blue box of my dreams, many masks to dress up and pose with, working and talking Daleks...More

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Hatsune Miku is coming to North America

The Japanese digital pop star, Hatsune Miku, is heading to North America for a concert tour called Miku Expo 2016. While this isn’t Miku’s first foray into America, 2016 marks the first time she’s had an entire tour in the country. The creators of Miku recently released a statement in a press release; "Miku Expo 2016 will be more focused on concerts, but we plan on holding several surprise events in cities with performances and maybe even some cities between tour stops....More

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Phoenix Fan Fest Guests Update

The second Phoenix Fan Fest is this year, and several big names have started announcing that they will be attending. The people I’m most looking forward to seeing, of those who have announced their attendance, this year is Karen Gillan and Sean Maher. Gillan is best known for being a companion, Amy Pond, for the 11th Doctor on Doctor Who. More recently, she has been seen in the horror movie Oculus, the T.V. show Selfie and as Nebula in Guardians...More

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YouTube Spotlight: Suzy Berhow

With all kinds of YouTube channels out there, it can be daunting to find new channels. In this ongoing series, we try to show you some of the different channels we subscribe to on YouTube so that you might find a new channel to watch. This week, we are featuring Suzy Berhow’s multiple channels on YouTube. Suzy Berhow started out on YouTube on the channel Meeperfish, a simple humor animation channel in 2007 which has gotten little attention after 2 years...More

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