Cyanide and Happiness Card Game Kickstarter

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If the name Cyanide and Happiness means anything to you, you might want to get your wallet ready. If you don’t know what Cyanide and Happiness is, educate yourself by checking out their website for some crude humor.


Back after hours of laughs? Good, get ready for something really cool.


The guys behind the usually dark humor comics are Kickstarting a new card game, Joking Hazard.


After the success of their random comic generator on their site, they’ve decided to make it a card game for you and your friends!

The team is asking for a simple $10k, which was shattered in 27 minutes according to their Kickstarter page. As of writing, the campaign still has over 28 days left and is sitting at over $310k.


There aren’t a ton of bells and whistles as far as backer tiers go, a copy of the game, a copy of the game and an expansion pack, two copies with two expansions and a wooden box. Simple stuff.


There have been a few odd, yet awesome, single backer tiers like a copy of the game with the Cyanide and Happiness crew helping you with things like writing a dating profile to fixing up your resume!


The really interesting part of the campaign comes in the form of stretch goals. After passing the funding, the campaign entered “Level 1: Grassland” where the community has a collaborative checklist of tasks to complete.


If seven of the 10 tasks are completed, each copy of the game will have an additional 10 cards and move onto “Level 2.” What makes them really interesting are the tasks themselves, from making a crop circle to tweeting Donald Trump their favorite Cyanide and Happiness comics. Check out the whole crazy list below and help out if you can.

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