Zelda Manga Legendary Editions Coming in November

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Based off the video game franchise of the same name, The Legend of Zelda manga series by Akira Himekawa is getting a special edition re-release for their 10 year anniversary in November.


The Legendary Editions of the manga contain two volumes in one binding, sporting new covers, printed on larger paper and in color by Himekawa himself.


The first volume contains both Ocarina of Time Part One and Two inside, with the following editions releasing bimonthly, totaling five volumes in total.


If you can’t wait for November and want to read the series now, Amazon has the full box set of the original 10 volumes available for a discounted price, $43.49 as of writing.


The Legend of Zelda manga volume one hits stores November 1 for $17.99.


What do you think of the Legend of Zelda manga? Looking forward to the re-release? Let us know in the comments below!

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