Phoenix Comicon 2015: A Furry History to the Future

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This year at Phoenix Comicon there seemed to be more and more “Furries” crawling out of the woods as their popularity continues to grow.

This got me thinking, how did this trend get started? I mean it seemed like a fairly new tradition to me, as I’m not familiar with it.

So this got me to thinking as to where this trend originated and I also wonder if most of the current “Furry” cosplayers know where all of this began.

Now in an effort to educate, the “Furry” trend started in 1983 in a comic called “Albedo Anthropomorphics” created by Steve Gallaci.

The was set in a futuristic time period in another sector of civilized space, but the inhabitants are mostly humanoid versions of mammalian and avian species.

The main character of the story is Erma Felna, she is a humanoid cat and she works for the Extraplanetary Defense Force. The EDF is the main military of the Interstellar Confederacy, known as the ConFed.

So the comic series follows Erma Felna as she works to further her career and become a popular figure in the region despite opposition.

Along with that the ConFed has an ever growing competition from the Independent Lapine Republic which is run by a group of species supremacist rabbits, whom are in favor of hostile takeover of the settled colonies.

The ConFed also has problems with terrorists in the colonies as well as internally. With all this going on a ship is discovered that has a human body onboard that may contain vital information about their civilization.

With the sophisticated story lines it was still the characters that were the biggest draw of the comic. The popularity of Felna spawned people to start dressing up as animals.


The fan base grew and they started to create their own conventions starting in 1989, there were 65 people whom attended that first con, helping it raise over a $1,000.

Now they show up at every con and have many more of their own.

They are not without their problems though, they are often viewed as a fetish. There have been several incidents that have made the news in their respective cities.

It is a funny thing that once a particular thing happens to a group of people, everyone automatically assumes that all of them do it.

For a few examples nerds are assumed to be over weight, anti-social and smelly. Some are that, but not all us. I’m not over.. well fine I’m a bit heavy, can’t help it I like food. I’m not anti… well, that’s by choice and it’s not a personal problem.

I am absolutely positive I’m not smelly, I know how to shower and use deodorant, so that one is not true to all of us.

Anyways, back to the “Furry” part of this article. I didn’t realize how old this trend really was, plus I just assumed it was based off of an Anime, like everything else.

After doing this bit of research I might be enticed to actual invest in the comics as the story seems intriguing.

People can also make an argument that the “Furry” trend could be contributed to Disney and other cartoon makers as they have been using humanoid animals in lots of their movies.

This trend shows no signs of slowing down as Disney will be releasing “Zootopia,” a movie about a criminal fox that is being chased by a rabbit cop for crimes he did not commit.

Get used to seeing the “Furry” population and on a final note don’t just assume that because someone dresses in a costume that they are a sexual deviant.

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