Rakki Reviews Game Of Thrones Season 6 Ep 4

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Game of Thrones, the popular HBO franchise based of George RR Martin’s novels A Song of Fire And Ice, has reached season 6 recently. In turn, we here at Lucky Mint will give off our impressions of each episode every week and what our favorite moments are.


We will be going fully into spoiler territory here, so Spoilers Below!


Episode 4, Book of the Stranger, opened with one of the happiest moments in recent Thrones history, Jon Snow and Sansa Stark reuniting at Castle Black.


With all of the tension and near misses we see in this show, I was really thinking someone wasn’t going to shoot Sansa with an arrow or cut Jon’s throat or something else terrible, so I was very relieved when it cut to them enjoying World Famous Castle Black Amazing Soup.


One thing I wish we could have seen was the conversation about Jon’s recent “brush” with death and how Sansa would have taken that.


Further south, death did show his face again, though not for one I expected, Osha. We hadn’t seen her or Rickon for a few seasons so I was curious to see what they would have done back in the fold, but I guess with Ramsay’s recent track record, I really shouldn’t be surprised by anything he does.


I really wonder what Theon hadn’t told Ramsay, but I don’t expect there isn’t a single detail.


Speaking of Theon, I hope that he can continue on his long road to redemption with his sister, Asha and her road to the throne in Pike.


Back in the capital, we got another family reunion of Margery and Loras Tyrell, which could have been in a more favorable spot than the cells of the Septon.


I hope we see some cunning from Margery since it seems Loras has already given up on trying to go on living.


I think seeing Cersei and Oleana agreeing on getting Margery the seven hells out of there is oddly nice to see.


Cersei doesn’t like Margery, not a surprise, but to see her hate someone even more than someone who is “taking” her son away, is something special.


Across the Narrow Sea, we didn’t see an update to Arya’s training, but we did get a bit of screen time with Tyrion and the Masters of Slavers Bay.


It’s a dangerous game he is playing with not only the Masters, but Grey Worm and Missandei as well, giving the Masters seven more years of slavery before it is completely outlawed.


Clearly, Tyrion is trying his best to come to an agreement that ends the bloodshed, but I wonder how much Grey Worm and Missandei will take before their Queen returns.


Speaking of Daenerys, by the Gods, was that ending epic!


Having her confront the other Khals was a dangerous choice she chose when the opportunity to leave with Jorah and Darrio, but damn, was it a good decision!


Not only did she burn the other Khals to ash, she also gained a full Khalasar of Dothraki to help her continue on as a true Khaleesi.


What do you think of Book of the Stranger? Looking forward to the next episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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