Rakki Reviews Game Of Thrones Season 6 Ep 10

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Game of Thrones, the popular HBO franchise based of George RR Martin’s novels A Song of Fire And Ice, has reached season 6 recently. In turn, we here at Lucky Mint will give off our impressions of each episode every week and what our favorite moments are.


We will be going fully into spoiler territory here, so Spoilers Below!


Episode 10, The Winds of Winter, was one of the most fulfilling and terrifying season finales that the show has had yet, full of death, big changes and set up for the series final two seasons in the following years.


The episode opened with a religious choir while the Septon opened their doors for the trial of Cersi and Loras which really gave a somber tone for the upcoming scenes.


Loras’ trial kept me on my feet, not knowing if Margery had any plan for getting her brother out of there or something was going to happen.


After his confession to the seven and admittance to the Faith Militant, Cersi’s trial awaited.


Seven Hells, has Cersi just completely given up everything that made me even remotely root for her as a person against the Faith.


Not only did she use Wildfire hidden under the Sept, not only did she kill all Sparrows and the Tyrells, not only did she take the Iron Throne for herself, she looked completely emotionally removed from her sight of her final dead child, Tommen.


Honestly, I was sad to see Margery killed, but Tommen’s silent leap from the Red Keep was just hard to watch. I knew it was coming from the way the shot had been set up, but thinking of everything that had been going through this poor kid’s head was just heartbreaking.


I don’t think Jamie is even ready for what Cersi has turned into, this dark queen-esque monster that made season one Cersi look kind in comparison.


Down south in Dorne, a mourning Olenna consulted with the Dornish women in the only way she knows how, only to be interrupted by a welcome face, Varys offering the hand of Daenerys with “Fire and Blood.”


Speaking of Daenerys, she had another moment of sadness for her love life, telling Daario Narahis to stay behind with the Second Sons and protect Dragon’s Bay while she heads to Westeros with her army.


Not only has Daenerys had to say goodbye to Khal Drogo and Jorah but now she has Daario joining the broken hearts club.


At least she has her new Hand of the Queen, Tyrion “Drinks and Knows Things” Lannister, which was such a touching scene to see from both Daenerys and Tyrion’s perspectives.


After six seasons, she has her army, her dragons, her allies and is heading home; Westeros.


Making our way back north, we make a quick stop at The Twins for one of the longest needing deaths in the show’s history, coming from one of the best hands of all, Walder Frey’s death via Arya Stark.


The fact that Arya made it back to Westeros and all the way to the Twins, snuck in, took the face of another, killed two of the Frey men, put them into a pie to bake, served the it to Walder and did a badass reveal shows how much the little tomboy has grown into a terrifying killer with names back on her list.


Hopefully she heads back to Winterfell with her family instead of south for one of the names still on her list, Cersi Lannister.


Speaking of Starks, Benjen dropped off Bran and Meera at a Weirwood tree and bid farewell to his nephew while Bran took a jump back to the past with Ned climbing the Tower of Joy.


It was not said, I know, but there is no way in the seven kingdoms that Jon Snow is not half Targaryen. #R+L=J 99.9% confirmed.


The fact that we didn’t get that last percentile of Lyanna telling Ned that Jon is Rhegar’s son still puzzles me, but there is no way… Right?


Speaking of Jon Snow, he had a lot going on this episode, from sending Melisandre south to having a heart to heart with Sansa, nothing prepared me for that last scene with him and the other major houses of the North rallying behind him as the new “King in the North.”


I didn’t expect everyone to just abandon Jon and hunker down for Winter, which has officially come by the way, but the fact that Lady Mormont declared King in the North and the rest of them joined in really got me going.


I just hope Sansa tells Jon about how Littlefinger is going to try something soon, he can’t be trusted in any sense.


Honestly, the teams are getting pretty close to their final standings here with Daenerys getting backing from Tyrion, the Martells, the Tyrells, (most of) the Greyjoys, the Second Sons, the Unsullied, all of Dragon’s Bay (clever girl).


Cersi has… Jamie and the Queensguard?


Jon has the North against the White Walkers.


We’re in the great game now, and the great game is terrifying.

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