Rakki Reviews Game Of Thrones Season 6 Ep 7

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Game of Thrones, the popular HBO franchise based of George RR Martin’s novels A Song of Fire And Ice, has reached season 6 recently. In turn, we here at Lucky Mint will give off our impressions of each episode every week and what our favorite moments are.


We will be going fully into spoiler territory here, so Spoilers Below!


Episode 7, The Broken Man, started off with an interesting return of a character that I’d assumed dead; The Hound, Sandor Clegane.


We hadn’t seen him since Arya left him to die after his loss to Brienne at the end of Season 4 and thought that was the end of him, but it seems that is not the case.


Days after the fight with Brienne, The Hound is saved by a Septon named Ray who helps him get back to health.


I know that Clegane wouldn’t be back in the story if there wasn’t a pressing reason, I just wonder what that reason is; fighting his brother, The Mountain, or reuniting with a (hopefully) returning Arya Stark.


Back in the North, Jon and Sansa are making the rounds to the houses that swore allegiance to House Stark to get men for their battle with Ramasy Bolton.


Lady Mormont and her entire conversation with Ser Davos was interesting to watch, Davos connecting with her on a person to person level, not an adult to child one.


After connecting with a few houses, gaining some, losing other, Jon and Sansa are getting pretty worried about the battle to come, Sansa imploring Jon that they need more men, which they don’t have.


Well, Jon doesn’t have them, but Sansa might, with Brienne heading down to meet with the Blackfish.


Speaking of the Blackfish, Jamie’s leadership during the siege of Riverrun was pretty impressive with Bronn at his side, intimidating the Freys and meeting with the Blackfish himself.


I hope things don’t get too heated for when Brienne arrives at Riverrun and is split between herself.


Out in King’s Landing, Queen Margery looks like she is playing a very dangerous game with the High Sparrow.


Until she handed the picture of the rose to her grandmother, I really worried that she had lost it, but it looks as if she still has her wits about her. I just hope this act doesn’t come back to bite her, from either the High Sparrow or Tommen, who most likely doesn’t know what is going on…


Across the Narrow Sea, things really looked like they were looking up for Arya, she had enough gold to book a comfy passage back to Westeros, she had alluded the Many Faced God’s servants… until she got stabbed repeatedly and dove into the river.


For a moment, I thought they were actually about to kill her off out of the blue, but she looks like she will last a little while longer.


With Clegane returning to his campsite with the other villagers slaughtered by the Brotherhood Without Banners, it looks like the Hound is going hunting next episode.

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