Rakki Reviews Game Of Thrones Season 6 Ep 9

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Game of Thrones, the popular HBO franchise based of George RR Martin’s novels A Song of Fire And Ice, has reached season 6 recently. In turn, we here at Lucky Mint will give off our impressions of each episode every week and what our favorite moments are.


We will be going fully into spoiler territory here, so Spoilers Below!


Episode 9, Battle of the Bastards only covered two storylines, but was a strong episode in storytelling and action for modern day television.


The show started with the continued attack on Meereen and a rather upset Daenerys trying to get some answers from Tyrion, who is a little fearful of how his decisions put them in this predicament.


After a showdown with the Masters of Slaver’s Bay, Daenerys took a nice flight on Drogon with Viserion and Rhaegal breaking out from the tombs for a triple team of dragonfire on the Master’s ships.


The battle itself, along with the dual kill swipe from Grey Worm, was quick but really nice to see, finally showing us what the dragons of Game of Thrones are capable of with their mother.


With Yara and Theon finally making it to Meereen, I was a bit hesitant to see what Tyrion would say about Theon to Daenerys, which opened exactly the way I thought it would.


Flirting ensued between Yara and Daenerys which was not the way I expected their alliance to begin but it was sealed with a good forearm handshake.


With the two aligned, the Dothraki, Second Sons, Unsullied and Iron born, Daenerys has literally all she needs to head for Westeros.


Back in the North, Jon and Sansa met briefly with Ramsay, much to Sansa’s dismay, with Jon offering a one-on-one duel between the two, Jon also getting a bit into his enemies head.


When the time for the battle came, Ramsay did his normal horrible Ramsay thing, allowing Rickon to run to Jon, just before sending an arrow through his heart.


I’m not saying I’ll miss Rickon, he was a background character at best, but he was a Stark and it hit Jon hard enough to cause him to charge headfirst into a flurry of arrows and Bolton bannermen.


Then all hell broke loose, seriously, the battle was so tense, I thought we were going to lose Jon (again) and possibly Tormund and Davos as well.


The fact that Jon not only made it out, thanks to the help of the Knights of the Vale, but got all of the Bolton bannermen AND beat the hell out of Ramsay was inconsequential in comparison to the joy I felt inside when the Stark Banner was unfurled on the walls of Winterfell once more.


We have had almost a full six seasons of Starks getting beat down and destroyed around them, but this victory over what seemed impossible, made me have hope that things may be looking up for the Stark children.


Knowing this show, I have to keep my excitement low, else another tragedy come in the one highlight in years, especially with one episode remaining.


I was so close to losing all respect for Sansa when she looked at Jon to stop beating Ramsay to a bloody pulp. Thankfully she brought it back with her final words with Ramsay before releasing the hounds for a fitting end to the bastard, Ramsay Snow.


The season finale is next week and I, for one, am hoping that we don’t end the season like we did season 5.

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