Phoenix Comicon 2015: The Game Crafter

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Creating your own board game has gotten easier over the years with avenues like Kickstarter that allow people to bring their ideas to the general public and ask them to support their idea.

While at Phoenix Comicon this year I was led to the second floor of the Hyatt Hotel where an interesting business had a table set up that would make it even easier to bring your tabletop game to life.

The table was occupied by The Game Crafter to showcase all the different options that their website could offer to help bring your idea to life.

TGC was first established in 2009 by JT Smith, Tavis Parker and Jamie Vrbsky. The idea came from Smith when he had previously discovered all the problems when trying to publish a game.

After that Smith, Parker and Vrbsky banded together and created TGC as “the first web-to-print game publishing company.”

On their table, a mass display of pieces that you could choose from, things like player pawns to actual plastic mini characters. You are also able to get little square, circular or numerous other wood type pieces to choose from.

Does your game require dice or money? They can do that too.

They also displayed several different types of paper stock that can be used for basic parts in your game or to create tiles to create a board. Or if you prefer just a typical board, they can do that as well.

Now, we can’t forget about the box for your game, as that is yet another thing that can be taken care of by TGC.

The site contains so many options for pieces and parts that I couldn’t possibly list them all, but also the nice thing about all of the stuff they had displayed at their table, was that they were actually quality pieces.

By no means are they top of the line, but they are plenty good enough to last constant use.

So once you have your game created you can upload everything to their site and select all of your pieces and parts. After that you would be able to select how many copies of the game you want to order, obviously the more you order, the cheaper the parts and pieces will be.


If that is where TGC stopped, that would be enough to cause excitement, but it doesn’t stop there.

They also allow you to sell your product through their website, splitting the profit 70/30, with you getting 70 percent and them getting 30.

Another amazing thing about their website is if you haven’t quite finished finely tuning your game, they provide forums that you can pose questions or ideas and receive feedback from other gamers and publishers.

The company is not opposed to trying other outlets in an effort to spread awareness of your game or to find ways to improve it. They are willing to help promote your game if you decide to take it to Kickstarter.

Now a truly interesting discussion between myself and the TGC table was what would happen if another publisher was interested in a particular game on their site.

The company has no problem if another publisher is interested in a game they are selling, as they have already had several games picked up by other publishers. To name a few Channel A, Boss Monster and Flash Point: Fire Rescue.


While at PCC, TGC brought along the creator of a game that they had been selling on their website, he discussed his experience with the company. Robert Huss was showcasing his game Alien Labyrinth, a game that has players moving through and rotating rooms to collect objects and exchange them to buy the only seat available on the escape pod.

While playing the game Huss let us know that his game had just been recently picked up by Foam Brain Games.

TGC states that you still retain the intellectual property of your game and they only put their logo in on the box when you have them publish it.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with TGC and if I ever come up with a board game concept, I will definitely consider using them to publish my game.

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