Rakki’s Second-Hand Findings: Automobile

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This will be the first article of many to come, hopefully. We are are looking to making it a mainstay article, but we’ll see how it does.

This particular column will be referred to as Rakki’s Second-Hand Findings and will obviously be devoted to any items they we may have picked up second hand.

Now it will hopefully include pieces from everything that we cover on this website, but we’ll see. As I am the one starting it out, I tend to by quite a few board games second hand, so that is mostly what I will be covering. I will try to sneak some other things in if I come across something worthwhile.

Most of the board games and other things in general that I tend to buy used come from a store called Bookmans which is a local staple of Arizona.

For the benefit of those people outside of the state of Arizona, Bookmans buys and re-sells everything a nerd could want; books, DVDs, Blurays, CDs, video games, comics, even musical instruments.

What I really like about it is getting trade, so I can take my junk to them and they buy what they want and give me trade so I can go home with new junk.

It’s awesome, so just so you know if I happen to forget to state where I appropriated something in a future article, it will be safe to assume I got it at Bookmans.


Anyways, speaking of second hand items, how about we get on with the show.

While there I came across a copy of “Automobile” a game that was made in 2009 by Mayfair Games and was created by Martin Wallace who has made other games such as “Steam,” “Age of Industry” and “Rise of Empires.”

However, the copy I came across was not made in 2009, rather it was one of 1,500 copies made in 2008 and it was released by Wallace’s own publishing company Warfrog games of the Treefrog Line.

Warfrog no longer exists and his company is now just strictly Treefrog. My particular copy of this game was 1,358 of the 1,500 made. It also is signed by Martin Wallace right next to the print number.

To the best of my recollection I believe I paid around $30 for this copy, but I’m not completely sure as I already took the sticker off of the game.

The game itself takes place during the early years of the car industry boom in the years from about 1896 to 1930.

The players themselves take on the role of investors who will try to make the most money by producing and selling automobiles.


On the board are numerous types of cars and six car creators; Henry Ford whom was the pioneer of mass production techniques, William Crapo Durant whom bought companies to form General Motors, Alfred P. Sloan was responsible for making GM into one of the largest companies on the planet. Walter Chrysler was responsible for some of the most advanced cars of the time, Charles Kettering who developed the starter motor for the car and then finally Charles Howard who was probably the greatest car salesman of the time.

Automobile’s board which is about 25.5 inches by 22.1 inches and has a nice colorful arrangement. Different types of cars are in squares that are arranged to form the outer border of the board.

It comes with nice wood pieces in five different colors and then there is also a stack of paper money with some generic images of cars on it.

The object of the game is use your base of $2000 that you are given and then take out loans to build factories and produce cars. You use the different car makers to help you produce cars in your factories depending on the demand.

At the end of the game players will receive money for their factories earnings and add it to their cash they already had. After that the players have to payback whatever loans they have accumulated and then the player with the most money wins.

The game is meant for 3-5 players, for ages 13 and up and takes about two hours to play. Like most other Martin Wallace games, it tends to be a bit more involved, but he has been making fun strategy games for a plethora of years, so his games are as close to a guarantee that you can get these days.

If this game sounds interesting to you, it is still currently in print. The game just has some different artwork from mine and I believe that is about all that they changed.

There was a copy available on coolstuffinc.com for about $45. You could also check with your local game store to see if it’s something that they could get in, but it’s retail price is about $50, not to bad.

Typically I would have given you a personal review on the game along with the walk through, but I have unfortunately not found the time to play this game.

I promise that once I get a chance to play it, I will write up a review and post it to this website.

If you have any questions or comments about the game or me, feel free to leave it in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep an eye out for all those possible second hand treasures.

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