New Additions to Red Dragon Inn

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Slugfest Games had a surprise for fans of it’s popular Red Dragon Inn card game at Gen Con this year, more expansions. Okay, so not really that surprising since they already have several expansions available, but exciting none the less.

At Gen Con the company was previewing “Red Dragon Inn 5: The Character Trove” along with three new “Red Dragon Inn: Allies” packs.

For those who don’t know “Red Dragon Inn” was released in 2007 and is a card game in which players take on the role of a different character whom finds himself in The Red Dragon Inn along with other adventurers whom are buying drinks for each other, gambling and roughhousing in celebration of their recent victories of treasures, conquests or having slayed a monster.

However, you must careful because if your character runs out of money he gets booted from the Inn or if you mouth off to much and receive too many knuckle sandwiches for your boasting. Or if you should pass out from a bit to much grog you will be carted off to a room to sleep it off. The lone player whom is able to hold on to his some money and stay sober enough, wins the game.

Now the base game or the big box expansions come with four characters and are ready to play as is, up to four players. The neat thing about this game is that the more expansions that you have, the more people you can have play.

Two of the big sets will allow you to play up to eight people, add an ally pack, now you can play with nine people and so on.

The four new characters in RDI5 are Sera the Fleetfooted, Lizwick the Collector, Joran the Trickster and Zakhan the Drunken Master.

Like the base sets each character comes with a 40 card deck, player mats for each character, fortitude markers, alcohol markers and rules for playing the game.

There will be a few new things added onto RDI5, first it will come in an oversized box, this way it will be able to hold all of the cards from the previous sets that have been released. It will also come with a new 30 card drink deck, new player mats for all of the characters that have been published to date. Lizwick’s item deck, Zakham’s Drunken Chi Token, foam blocks, two drawstring bags and cardboard deck dividers.

RDI5 will retail for $60.

The ally packs add a single new character to the game and need at least one of the base sets to be played. The three new Allies packs that were previewed at Gen Con are Wrench a Kobold Artificer, Zariah the Summoner and Halden the Unhinged.

Each ally pack comes with a character deck, player mat, 12 gold coins, alcohol marker, fortitude marker, rules and anything special to that particular character.

Each of the Allies packs will retail for $15 each.

All of these sets are scheduled to be released in November.

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