DIY Candy Review Number 2

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This kit was a in my big box of goodies I just got Popin’ Cookin’ Funny Cake House I got it off Amazon from Samurai Japan for $2.87.


The first thing I did was open the box to find a bag that had some decorations for the “Ice cream” creations, however I didn’t have a good pair of scissors, so I didn’t cut them out.


What came in the box were 2 mini ice cream cones, 1 wafer bowl, wafer crisps, the tray, icing bag, sprinkles, strawberry icing/ice cream and vanilla icing/ice cream.


To start, you have to cut off the triangle off the tray for water measurements, and pour the vanilla and strawberry icing packets into either side of the tray separately. Then with the triangle that you cut off, add 1 triangle full of water to each side and then mix.


The next step is to fill the piping bag with the icing, putting half with strawberry and the other vanilla.


Then the next step is to cut the wafer crisps into pieces to make an ice cream sandwich, and then fill with 4 dots and stack till you get the size you want. I decided just to stack them all to make it BIG.


Next, I filled the ice cream cones by just swirling the icing around the sides and top to make a peak.


The wafer bowl was the last item I did and I slowly worked my way around the edge and filled till I was happy.


Finally, it was sprinkle time and I very delicately finishing the ice cream dish.


For this kit, the taste was the best I have had from Poppin Cookin. The wafers were the best part but unfortunately, the icing wasn’t very sweet and tasted mildly of vanilla and strawberry. Overall, I would buy this kit again just to have as a fun project to do with kits.


As more of these kits come in, more reviews will go out. If you have any DIY candies you would like to see or any ideas on how to make these reviews better let us know in the comment below.

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