DIY Candy Review Number 3

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This kit was a in my big box of goodies I just got Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Nerunerunerune Candy Paste Grape Flavor and soda flavor which I got it off Amazon from Samurai Japan for $2.40 each.


In both kits included the tray, a spoon, 1 package of flooding, on of a foaming agent and a packet of candy.


The first step is cut the triangle measuring spoon off the tray, then add Packet 1 into the round part of the tray and add 1 triangle of water then mix.


Next you add packet 2 to the round part and mix till it gets sticky, stretchy and foams.


Finally add the candy into the other part of the tray and enjoy.


Now the difference besides the color and taste is the candy in the grape kit there was rock candy and the soda flavor one had small, smarty like candies that were bubble gum flavor.


Now the taste and texture reminded me of the fluoride trays they use at the dentist office for young children. Not being a big fan of the dentist or the texture of fluoride I tried one taste of both flavors and proceeded to put them away.

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