Rakki Reports Nintendo Treehouse E3 2016

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That time of the year when all the video game news comes from LA, E3. How did the conferences fair this year? Let’s take a look.


Reggie Fils-Aime opened with a moment of silence for the shootings in Orlando just a few days earlier.


Reggie welcomed viewers with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and a new gameplay trailer showing off multiple new features to the franchise.

Pokemon Sun and Moon took the stage next, with the game’s director talking about the game, including a trailer that we’ve already seen.


Not sure why they decided to show a trailer that was revealed awhile ago, but it was interesting to hear the director’s reasons on why they chose the Alola region.

A live gameplay demonstration for the game was also shown, highlighting battle and UI changes from previous titles in the series.


A new 4-way battle mode called Battle Royal is also coming to Sun and Moon, which looks pretty cool.


Aounoma and Bill were on stage next, showing off new gameplay demos of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

The return of the Koroks was especially nice to see in the wave of new features.


One of the coolest new features is the weapon durability, allowing you to try out multiple different kinds of weapon types for different play styles.


Hopefully not all weapons have too bad of a durability because the weapons found on the stream seemed not to last very long.


The inclusion of Wolf Link via the amiibo is a pretty cool addition, but I’d like to see what the other new amiibo for the game add.

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