Playstation VR Impressions

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With the wave of virtual reality video games coming, Playstation has thrown their cards in with Playstation VR.


Having several different on-stage demos at a multitude of gaming press conferences, Sony has decided to have in-store hands on demonstrations for the general consumers to try out.


I recently had a go at Playstation VR at my local Best Buy and thought I’d share my impressions with you, faithful reader.


I’ll start by saying that as a man with glasses, I was a bit worried while putting on the headset that my glasses would be in the way, but I was thankfully surprised to see how comfortable it was with my glasses still on.


The other thing I noticed was how balanced the weight of the headset was. Before wearing it, I was curious to see if I would be constantly leaning forward due to the weight strapped to my face, but once again, the device was pretty light overall, with the straps easily adjustable with the button underneath the display.

I was able to try out two different demos, starting with Playstation VR Worlds.


This being my first experience with VR, I figured I would start slow and take a casual undersea dive in a shark cage.


I wonder if the full VR Worlds will have longer demos, but I think the fact that they are packing the title in with PS VR, I think it’ll be the new Wii Sports for the non-gamer audience.


It eased me into the movement that the headset was used for, allowing me to look around as much as I wanted, as slowly or quickly as my heart desired.


As for the visuals itself, a beautiful underwater decent into the depths of the ocean filled the headset with turtles, jellyfish and a rather angry great white shark.


It wasn’t real life or even 4K quality, but I did enjoy the ride, holding myself back from trying to reach out and touch the steel cage that encased me because of how “real” it felt.

After escaping the bite from the great white shark, I headed into space with EVE: Valkyrie to do some dog fighting in the final frontier.


While certainly not as relaxing, it felt good to do some actual gaming this time around.


The first thing I noticed about being strapped into the cockpit of my ship was how cool looking out all the windows at the stars and ships around me was.


Outside the standard space shooter, I’m not entirely sure how to feel about EVE. Before the launch, I felt myself looking around, taking in the full immersion of being in space, but once the enemies came rolling in, I didn’t find myself doing much outside of looking straight ahead, taking out the enemies.


I wasn’t spinning around in a mad man in the chair, checking my six for incoming hostiles, rather I sat pretty still the whole ride through. Perhaps I was supposed to be looking around a bit more and just wasn’t getting it, but I feel like the difficulty may have needed to be a bit harder to keep me on my toes and looking around.


Not something that’ll be in the full game, but I think it was a good entry point into gaming in VR, scaling up with difficulty as the game progresses.


I’m not one to hide that I have a favorable view towards Playstation products, but I’m not entirely sold on PS VR. It’s not as if the experiences weren’t fun or interesting, but I’m not sure if I could justify a $400 purchase at time of launch after the experiences I had.


Perhaps with a title like Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, I’d be more inclined towards my purchase (which I wouldn’t be able to make anyways at this point), but I’m ever hopeful that VR as a whole catches on instead of being a passing fad like movement controls or Kinect.


What do you think of VR? Are you looking forward to PS VR this October? Let us know in the comments below!

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